Extension cords and strips

The number of electrical devices that we have in our homes is constantly growing. All of them would not work at the same time without accessories such as a surge protector or an electric extension cord. In the Wasserman store, we have also made sure that all equipment in your homes and apartments can be conveniently connected to the electricity without clutter and tangled cables. A power extension cord and a power strip will also be useful in every office equipment, because these are also increasingly filled with electronics. However, if not for an ordinary surge protector, these modern devices would not be able to work freely.

How to choose extension cords and electrical strips?

The electric strip, despite its simplicity, is a very important piece of equipment useful in any home or office. When choosing the right model, it is worth paying attention to the security features included in it. The power strip, apart from distributing the current to our devices, also has a protective function. Without this type of protection, a short circuit or a short circuit in the home electrical system, just like a strong storm, could permanently damage expensive electronic equipment - TV, home theater, computer, as well as household appliances. The surge voltage strips also differ in the number of sockets, which should be taken into account when selecting them. One computer station may need several, if we take into account the power supply, monitor, printer with scanner and desk lamp. And yet we also often use additional electrical devices. When buying an electric extension cord, first of all, check its range. It all depends on your needs. We often use a power extension cord, for example, to connect a mower, and some private properties have a really large area.

Are you looking for a power strip? We have an extremely wide selection

Although the power strip or the strip extension are not complicated devices, there are many variants of these accessories in our store for a reason. What else should you pay attention to? If you care about the aesthetics of the apartment, the electric extension cord should have a color that will match the interior design or dimensions that will allow it to be effectively hidden. Extending the power cord, as well as the strip extension cord, should also have a sufficiently long cable, enough to conveniently connect all devices, but on the other hand, so that the unnecessary part of the cable does not take up too much space. Our offer also includes more innovative models. An interesting concept is, for example, a power strip with connection to a Wi-Fi or LAN network. In this way, we can remotely turn off individual devices, but also monitor electricity consumption on an ongoing basis. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Acar, Akyga, Jonex, Blow or Ubiquiti.