Alarm Systems

Create alarm systems with the Wasserman online store!

Security is priceless - we all do our best to ensure the protection and well-being of our loved ones. Fortunately, nowadays creating a home alarm system is neither too complicated nor requires huge financial outlays. Wasserman offers a number of devices necessary to ensure confidence and peace for both home and family.

Planning home security installations should start with recorders and alarm systems . These types of installations provide constant supervision in a given area - regardless of whether we want to protect the house, apartment, garden or office. In a comprehensive composition alarm system usually sound and light signals and camera recorders , and provides access to support the entire installation manipulator .

A complex home security system is also that motion sensors and smoke detectors that detect the presence of unauthorized persons or a developing fire that can turn into a devastating fire. Security installations can also be installed in new homes without the need for renovations or forging walls - all thanks wireless alarm systems .