Each monitoring system should be characterized primarily by effective operation. It must guarantee efficient use of its components and wide expansion possibilities. And such conditions are met by IP cameras. They allow you to create a modern and efficient monitoring system. The construction and operation of IP cameras allows you to control the system even while being at a considerable distance from the monitored object. IP cameras are integrated with special Web servers and thanks to this the camera records the image and sends it immediately through the computer network.
Cams  and monitoring kits from top manufacturers Blow . Ferguson . Media-Tech . Hikvision . Xblitz
 In our offer you will find many IP cameras, but remember that not all are equally suitable for outdoor and indoor work. Outdoor models must be described by specific standards for resistance to temperatures and precipitation. These cameras are often equipped with infrared diodes, illuminating the image at night. Some models have a movable, remote-controlled lens. Cameras working indoors do not have to have moisture resistant housings, but it is important that they are small and elegant. All webcams in our store are resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to the influence of various harmful factors, moisture, UV radiation and variable temperatures. In the case of an IP system, we can freely control cameras, view the video image and record it, store and send it to another place. Important manufacturers of IP cameras provide us with immediate access to convenient and extensive software, which further extends the capabilities of these cameras.
CCTV analog cameras
 In addition to IP cameras, the solution equally often used in monitoring systems are CCTV analog cameras, which in part fulfill the same role as IP cameras. The difference is that analog models cannot, without the help of additional devices, send information to a computer network, so they create a closed system that works only in a specific area. Analog CCTV television is a very good solution for shops, banks, housing estates and other buildings whose protection and control takes place in one specific place. In addition to extensive monitoring systems, IP cameras are also great for local personal monitoring. They are a great substitute for nannies and help you control a child or pet left alone at home. Cameras come in many varieties, you can also buy from us webcams that mediate our conversations on the net. Cams  Wasserman's store offers differ not only in design and mode of operation, but also in price. In the case of purchasing the most basic internal models, we must prepare for an expenditure of several hundred zlotys - most often the price is in the range of 100-300 zlotys. External cameras, as well as those supporting WiFi connectivity, will prove to be more expensive. Their cost starts from around PLN 350 and ends up at PLN 2,000. We guarantee that you will buy the webcam you need.