GSM LTE antennas

How often do our smartphones fail us when it comes to network coverage? Even if we don't complain about this on a daily basis, it happens that we lose connection in new places. Fortunately, necessity is the mother of invention and external GSM antennas were created especially for such occasions. Thanks to them, we will provide coverage wherever the phone has not allowed us to use the network so far. The GSM antenna for modem can be especially useful in housing estates where the signal is blocked by the walls of numerous buildings, or in places located far from transmitters.

How to choose a GSM antenna?

When choosing a GSM LTE antenna, we must bear in mind that not every modem has the same antenna input. Our decision should therefore depend on the plug of the device. In addition, you should check the location of transmitters in the area you are interested in. We will select the antenna power from this angle. It will improve the work of the modem or repeater. The 3G / 4G signal will be strengthened and we will be able to enjoy high-speed internet. Antennas for the LTE modem are characterized by a solid structure, thanks to which they can serve us for many years. They are characterized by failure-free operation and excellent performance. These are accessories that are worth buying, even if we do not experience problems with coverage on a daily basis.

GSM LTE antennas from well-known manufacturers - All-Ant, Import, ART, Trans-data

External LTE antennas available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known and respected brands. The assortment includes both GSM directional antennas and GSM omnidirectional antennas. The former can be set with a specific location in mind - they will catch the signal from the right transmitter. They can work with both modems and telephones. The latter are used for external mounting and receive the signal evenly, from the entire area with a certain radius. External antennas are perfectly suited for use in difficult conditions. They are waterproof and resistant to external factors. Thanks to this, they are very durable and failure-free.