Pre-paid television

There is a lot of talk today about the death of television and the transition of users to platforms offering digital multimedia libraries. These are far-reaching forecasts. For now, television is doing well and in some respects is still irreplaceable. The fact is, however, that it is often unpleasant for users to sign raw contracts. Legal declaration of paying a monthly subscription may discourage recipients from satellite or internet television. That is why it is worth getting interested in an attractive solution in the form of a pre-paid offer.

Pre-paid TV without a contract

Pre-paid television with a decoder is a perfect solution for all those who dream of a rich offer, but do not want to declare themselves in contracts. They limit us for a long time, oblige us to pay a subscription and do not foresee that our situation may change in the meantime. We live in dynamic times, often changing our place of residence and entertainment preferences. That's why it's a good idea to choose a pre-paid satellite TV. We offer a technologically advanced decoder equipped with many useful additional functions and a card entitling to receive television. Most often, a certain period is pre-paid at the time of purchasing the offer. After its expiration, we can decide whether we want to sign the contract or use TV occasionally, paying for the card only for the next month.

TV with NC + card

In the Wasserman store you can find pre-paid NC + decoders. They allow the reception of many satellite channels, as well as, among others, recording programs. Pre-paid NC + TV is an attractive offer for people who do not want to be bound by any contracts. They can use television for a certain period of time, and afterwards pay for another period. Monthly NC + pre-paid prices start from just under twenty zlotys. This solution allows us to opt out of the offer at any time. If we leave for a longer time or know that we will not have time to watch TV in the near future, we do not have to incur senseless costs. NC + on the card with a tuner is an opportunity that cannot be underestimated.