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Under password power there are tons of different devices. Power is not only about putting the plug into the socket or connecting the equipment to the battery. In the power section of the Wasserman store you will find a wide range of devices that we can call portable energy sources. The equipment in our offer is selected in terms of workmanship, quality and warranty, which is provided only by a well-known and reputable manufacturer.

Emergency power supplies . UPS . converters and powerbanki - Intex . Kemot . Blow . VIPs . Epsolar

Thanks to an emergency power source, in the event of a power failure, not only will you not lose heat in the whole house, the refrigerator will not fall down, but you will also avoid the risk of burning the entire installation. Devices of this type, available in the Wasserman store, can also be used as a multifunctional charger for a car battery. Such portable energy sources can also be used as backup power supplies for a computer. We will use them both for emergency power supply to furnaces as well as for RTV or office devices. They will also work well as a replacement for classic chargers, a power source for power tools, household appliances, pumps. But not only such power supplies will be on our shelves, we also offer switching power supplies, characterized by compact dimensions and high reliability. Apart from them, we also offer a selection of regulated power supplies. The regulated power supplies for lighting are supplied with six different pins and are equipped with a polarity switch. On the other hand, the well-known brand EpSolar has provided us with charge regulators, such controllers contribute to a better exploitation of energy obtained from solar panels. The off-grid system equipped with a charging controller guarantees independence from the energy company.

Which inverter to choose? What is the inverter for? Which battery will be better?

Gel batteries 12V does not work as starter batteries, but will be useful for powering medical equipment, radio systems, two-wheelers and quads, alarm and fire systems. Gel batteries are shock and vibration resistant and easy to transport. In our offer you will also find converters of various power, and what will suit us depends on what equipment will be connected to it. Our shop staff will provide comprehensive information on every topic. The inverters from our assortment will help you to recharge any equipment you take with you on a long journey by car, changing the DC voltage to AC voltage. They are perfect for powering laptops, notebooks, chargers or small household appliances. Solidly constructed and with low failure rate. You should also take a power bank with you when traveling. In the Wasserman store you will find smartphone power banks from the assortments of brands such as Blow or Kruger-Matz. Their articles are characterized by high reliability and intuitive operation.