Garbage bags

What are you thinking about here? You go to the store, you take the trash bags you pay and you have. Have you ever wondered about the differences in garbage bags? Just as there are a lot of different capacities and a lot of types, composition and purpose. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the topic of garbage bags
Garbage bags  from Perfecto
 The simplest of trash bags are standard bags, which can be roughly divided into such; tied, the bags are finished so-called wave. Single and multi-layered bags in different colors are available. Garbage bags with tape, finished with drawstring, thanks to which we can tightly close the bag. High capacity garbage bags, extremely strong bags, which can reach up to over 200 liters. Environmentally friendly garbage bags - after the time indicated by the manufacturer, the process of their degradation begins. Bags for waste segregation - brown for organic waste segregation, blue for paper, yellow for plastic, green for glass and red for dry. And what are such garbage bags made of? The oil is heated until ethylene begins to precipitate. Ethylene is converted into powdered polyethylene under the influence of temperature and pressure. Polyethylene is melted in the extruder and changed into polyethylene granulate. These granules are the base used to make a new material.
Types of materials from which the bags are made
 Garbage bags and waste bags are made of polyethylene. Due to the different pressure used in the production process, we can distinguish in particular HDPE and LDPE films. HDPE is a high-density polyethylene that is temperature resistant and is used in particular for thin materials. Due to the higher density of the material, even thinner bags will be very tear-resistant, but have less resistance to further tearing. In our offer you will find bags made of LDPE. It is an odorless material, physiologically inert, permeable to gases and aromatic substances, while it is not permeable to water vapor. Beneficial physical properties make the product from LDPE foil they show high transparency and good extensibility, which makes them very popular and often used in industry. And most often this material is used for the production of garbage bags and reusable carrier bags. Among our bags offer you will find bags of different capacity and in different colors.