Aerosol, mucilage, ultrasounds and other repellers from the company-

Welcome to the household chemicals section. The name may be a bit misleading, because you will find here not only chemicals, but also garbage bags, for example. The largest part of this section is occupied by all kinds of deterrents for all flying, running and biting intruders. Everyone will find their own way to get rid of unwanted guests. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer

Aerosol, mucilage, ultrasounds and other repellers from the company- bros

Among our rich offer preparations for pests flying, everyone will find the most convenient preparation. Aerosol preparations are extremely effective and work instantly. They help and effectively get rid of flies, mosquitoes and ants. And in addition to aerosols on the shelf you will also find traditional insect baffles, known for years. If you do not want to splash and you do not want to hang it, you can put two decorative plates to fight ants and flying insects. They can be used together or separately. If you like what is known, certain and proven, choose contact inserts. The gradually released active substance protects the rooms both during the day and at night. In turn, the preparation in the feeder to fight ants. The poison is ready to use immediately. We put on the route visited by these intruders and there are no intruders. The mole repeller is also recommended. Without impact on the environment and humane, it is extremely unpleasant to a blind rodent. How about an insect killer lamp? Lamps are effective, cheap, safe and take up little space.

Garbage bags and other cleaning products - Perfecto

We try to avoid using a lot of plastic in our daily life, but bags remain the most convenient for rubbish so far. Let's try to choose bags biodegradable, because they are already on the market. The simplest of them are standard tied bags. The ones with tape are definitely more comfortable and stronger, and more importantly, they are tighter. They will need bags of different colors to separate their garbage. Brown for organic waste segregation, blue for paper, yellow for plastic, green for glass and red for dry material. In our offer you will find LDPE bags, this material is odorless, physiologically neutral, permeable to gases and aromatic substances, and little permeable to water vapor. LDPE film products show high transparency and good stretchability. Our offer of bags includes bags of various capacities and colors. There are also in this section cleaning products and among them the most famous and popular Mr. Domestos. It will kill 99.9% of germs and remove bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses. Not only that, it also prevents scale build-up. On the other hand, compressed gas (in a liquid state) in a spray will be used to remove dust and dirt from these quite hard to reach places in office equipment using the pressure method.