Rubber gloves and cloths

Take care of your hands, do not expose them to harmful cleaning agents. Protecting your hands does not cost much and they will thank you for it with a beautiful appearance. Rubber gloves will effectively protect the skin of your hands against the harmful effects of chemicals.

Take care of your hands with the company Vileda

On our market, we can find a lot of different cosmetics with which we can take care of the skin of our hands, regenerate the epidermis and strengthen nails. But even the best creams and balms will not help if we expose our hands to various detergents every day. That is why we must take care to protect our hands during our daily duties. Washing dishes every day, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom with chemicals irritate and dry the delicate skin of the hands. And seasonal garden work, home renovation, more cleaning? And on our hands there is redness, cracks and abrasions. Prevention is better than cure, so remember to wear gloves. And the most effective protection will be provided by Vileda and her delicate gloves. Rubber gloves Vileda are designed to protect the delicate skin of the hands against harmful factors. These gloves do not restrict the freedom of activities in any way, but they guarantee complete protection against harmful factors. Their contoured shape makes them perfectly fit your hands.

Disposable and reusable gloves

Nitrile or latex gloves protect our hands against harmful and toxic substances during work related to any chemicals. They are made of natural rubber, i.e. latex. This material is used to make thick household gloves as well as thin, disposable gloves for medical and cosmetic use. Latex gloves are characterized by high stretchability, they are quite thin, so they are easy to use with your fingers precisely, they do not bother you and do not slip off. We should also remember that latex is biodegradable, so it is not a heavy burden for the environment. These thin, disposable latex gloves are suitable for activities that do not require contact with grease or grease, such as peeling vegetables, washing, dyeing hair, changing dressings or diapers. Latex gloves are available in powder or powder free versions. In addition to cleaning gloves, this section also includes cleaning cloths. rags for electrostatic dust, preventing dust from rising into the air during cleaning. They can be used dry to wipe dust and grease stains and are washable. Vileda pampers us with its products, imagine that her floor cloths have silver ions! As a result, the cloth does not trap bad odors. Wet or dry cleaning is only your choice. A modern kitchen cloth with special fibers that remove dried and greasy stains without scratching. And if you like wholesale shopping, we recommend rolled cloths. It will last longer.