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Remote controls for TVs and gates – FergusonSignalBlow

The remote control is an invention that has greatly facilitated everyday TV viewing. You no longer have to get up from your chair every time you want to change the channel into a TV. Now we get a remote control and press the button. Remote controls that you can focus on are, for example, multifunctional devices with which you can operate even several different types of equipment at once. Thanks to the fact that they have built-in intelligent software, your remote control will learn to conduct not only a TV, player, but also a gate or air conditioning. Our remote controls are products known on the market imported from respected manufacturers. These are devices with very functional solutions, practically trouble-free and have a great price in relation to their quality.

Televisions, monitors and TV hangers – Kruger- matzArt, Maclean, Red EagleOpticumSignalCabletech 

Despite the fact that nowadays many people use Internet TV and watch programs on laptops, TVs are doing quite well. Today's TVs already have many functions that until recently were reserved only for computers. The most important ones include smart TV functions or, for example, a built-in DVB-T decoder that allows you to receive terrestrial digital signals. In the Wasserman store you can buy excellent LCD HD TVs. In our offer you will also find compact TVs that allow you to take them with you on a trip. Our devices have built-in tuners , thanks to which it is possible to receive terrestrial TV free of charge without the need to buy additional equipment and are also equipped with such amenities as USB ports, HDMI and even smart TV functions. The TV at home and especially the larger one always takes up a lot of space, thanks to the available hangers we can save space on furniture and hang the monitor in the most convenient place. Opticum and Art offer robust handles that can be manoeuvred vertically and horizontally. In turn, the Red Eagle TV hangers are equipped with a boom that will allow us to adjust the distance of the mounted screen from the wall. Most of the handles in our store are equipped with small amenities, e.g. covers that allow you to hide power cables under them. In addition to TV racks, we also offer desk mounts for monitors and ceiling mounts for the projector.