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AD 4407
There is nothing like the aroma of fresh coffee
Adler AD 4407 Ekspres przelewowy 0,7L

Overflow or pressure?

You can't live a day without a delicious cup freshly brewed coffee . Rumor has it that there are people who don't drink coffee, but if you don't belong to them, you've come to the right place. Instant coffee is not very tasty and it deviates far from decent freshly ground coffee. Espresso coffee it will definitely be tastier and healthier for our body. Every buyer faces a dilemma what machine to buy ?
Ekspres do kawy przelewowy Adler
Filter coffee maker or pressure? If you decide to transfer, we have the perfect copy for you. Extremely easy to use, beautifully made and extremely efficient. We invite you to get to know each other better Adler overflow maker.
Ekspres do kawy w Twojej kuchni

Are you looking for an efficient espresso machine?

Adler has amazing for you efficient filter coffee maker with a power of 550 W. The glass jug has an ergonomic handle and the base (hot plate) maintains the temperature, so you can enjoy a coffee brew for a long time. The machine will brew 0.7 liters of coffee at once, and the water container with water level indicator will allow you to prepare exactly the amount of coffee you need. The device has a protection against dripping and overheating protection. The filter can be removed from the rotary container and it is quickly cleaned.
Ekspres przelewowy do aromatycznej kawy

Filter coffee maker for coffee AD 4407 it is not only easy to use, but also functional and easy to clean. They will match the machine paper filter cartridges in size No. 2. On the outer panel of the espresso machine there are buttons with indicator lights that allow you to quickly turn on the espresso machine.

Prosty w obsłudze ekspres do kawy o pojemności 0,7L


Power:550 watts
Tank capacity:0.7 L.

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