Saturator, siphon for 1L soda water + free cartridge


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Soda water saturator for CO2 cartridges. White color.
Saturator, syfon soda SA-01B 1L biały
We add a CO2 cartridge for free  (check with other sellers).
Spare cartridges are on sale on another page of our store.
Syfon do wody sodowej SA-01B biały
Device type: Saturator
Producer: ART
Manufacturer's symbol: ARTSAT SA-01B
White color
Cartridge type: 8g CO2
Material: Metal-Aluminum, plastic
Purpose: Preparation of carbonated water.
Other features: Compact size, it will easily fit in the fridge.
Other features: Provides carbonated water without having to carry heavy bottles from the store.
Other features: 1l capacity, Packaging dimensions: 10.5x10.5x33.5 cm
Intended for contact with food: Yes
Safety / compliance mark: CE
Admission to trading in Poland: Yes

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