Flat mop with GreenBlue GB830 sprayer

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The GreenBlue GB830 mop is equipped with a dispenser and a sprayer that allows for controlled, even distribution of the liquid on the cleaned surface. Thanks to the spray liquid dispenser, you no longer need to carry a heavy bucket of water with you. Comfortable and quick cleaning without soaking or dirtying your hands. Mop cleaning can be a pleasure!

Mop płaski ze spryskiwaczem GreenBlue GB830

 The flat mop is perfect when you need perfect cleanliness. It is irreplaceable when cleaning both large and small surfaces, and its flat tip allows you to reach the most inaccessible recesses.

Mop z pojemnikiem na płyn GreenBlue GB830

Set contains :
 - GB830 spray mop
 - 2 microfibre inserts
 - Installation instructions
 - Manufacturer's packaging
 - A proof of purchase

 The mop comes with 2 microfibre pads. The flat mop tip allows you to reach the most inaccessible nooks and crannies.

Mop GreenBlue GB830 plus wkłady

 - The spray mop is suitable for quick cleaning as well as for thorough cleaning of the floor.
 - The movable handle allows you to dispense the right amount of water
 - Practical and convenient to use - enables effective floor cleaning without the need for a bucket
 - Does not leave streaks
 - Suitable for both wooden floors and tiles
 - Flexible connector ensures reaching the most difficult places
 - The spray mechanism ensures a controlled, even distribution of the liquid on the surface being cleaned
 - The mop is equipped with a hook that makes it easy to store
 - Two microfibre pads included

Mop ze spryskiwaczem GB830 na przegubie

 - Height of the bar: 123cm
 - Liquid dispenser capacity: 0.4 l
 - Microactive fibers
 - Hook for hanging the mop

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