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Blender ręczny Mesko MS 4619 z opakowaniem

Modern kitchen mixer, thanks to which we can easily prepare a delicious cake or cocktail. Energy-saving motor with a maximum power of 300 W and stainless steel blades guarantee efficient and quiet use. Easy to use and clean thanks to the removable cap, and convenient thanks to the ergonomic handle. Allows you to use 2 mix speed settings.

Blender ręczny Mesko MS 4619 zdjęcie szczegółów

 Durability and reliability of the blender is provided by a 300 W motor. Thanks to it you can handle any culinary challenge. Thanks to 2 levels of rotation, you can easily adjust the speed of the blender to the prepared dish - smaller for delicate and smaller products, faster for hard, large ones.

Blendery i inne urządzenia AGD marki Mesko dostępne na

 Blender MS4619 is an indispensable help in your kitchen before you prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Blender can mix and crush foods. With our blender you will certainly prepare wonderful fruit cocktails or delicious soups.

Blender ręczny Mesko MS 4619 na czarnym tle

 Stainless steel blades
 2 speed settings
 Convenient switch
 Removable cap
 Maximum power: 300W
 Nominal power: 200W

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