The Adler AD 4076 cup blender crushes ice

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The AD 4076 goblet blender with a power of 1000W is an efficient device for quick grinding and mixing of food products. It has 2 speed levels, enabling blending with varying intensity. In addition, the Pulse function is available, which temporarily increases turnover, which is useful for thicker ingredients. The device enables ice crushing. The blender has been equipped with a 1.5-liter glass jug that is easy to clean and a durable stainless steel blade.

Blender kielichowy Adler AD 4076 podczas pracy

 Do you love fruit smoothies full of vitamins and favorite flavors and drink them not only in the summer? Does your family like cream soups? Are you trying to take care of your health and introduce healthy meals full of vegetables and fruits to your diet? If you can answer yes to one of these questions, it means that we have something perfect for you! The ADLER AD 407 goblet blender is a powerful device that will help you diversify meals consumed by the whole family!

Blender kielichowy Adler AD 4076 wnętrze i sterowanie

 Comfortable help in the kitchen

 Most of us know exactly what a cup blender works. We have a problem with choosing the right model. The blender presented by us is a convenient help in the kitchen, which will speed up the preparation of meals and cocktails for the whole family. The maximum power of 1000 W means that we can quickly mix harder fruits or vegetables even with the skin such as apples, pineapple, peppers or onions. Two speed settings allow you to adjust the grinding degree to the dish we prepare. The pulsating function will mix everything together without the need for more energy. In the summer we will certainly appreciate the ice crushing function that will help cool our cocktails or prepare delicious iced coffee or tea!

Opakowanie fabryczne blendera Adler AD 4076

 Quality and safety

 The high quality of the blender will ensure its use for years. A glass jug with a capacity of 1.5 liters is a guarantee that the whole family will be able to enjoy a delicious smoothie, and there will also be a tasty cocktail for guests. When you decide on a glass blender, you can be sure that the drinks or soups prepared in it will not change the taste! Stainless steel blades can handle any component, even ice, without worrying about any damage. The safety lock will hold the goblet in place and we don't have to worry that all the contents of the blender will be on the kitchen table. The device is also easy to clean. Just wash in warm water with the addition of dishwashing liquid, cup and blade, and wipe the body with a damp cloth.

Adler AD 4076 blender kielichowy z funkcją kruszenia lodu

 1.5L glass jug
 Stainless steel blades
 Ice crushing function
 Pulse function
 2 speed settings
 Power: 500W
 Maximum power: 1000W
 Power supply: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

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