Eldom MP18 manual pepper and salt mill

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Ręczny młynek do pieprzu i soli Eldom MP18

Why is freshly ground pepper better?

The factory-ground pepper that stands on store shelves, or the weathered pepper pot, are shadows of real pepper. Pepper it has piperine in it, which gives it a specific sharpness and bitterness, and the essential oils and resin are the delicious aromas.  Freshly ground pepper  activates our senses, helps with chronic colds, has a diuretic effect, cleanses the body of deposits, eliminates bloating and supports weight loss. Pepper, which few, who knows, helps prevent cancer, obesity and heart disease. Best to bring out all pepper aroma  when we add it at the initial stage of cooking. Thanks to the penetration of pepper into the dish, its aroma is strengthened and enriched.

Eldom MP18 do mielenia pieprzu i soli

Which pepper mill should you choose?

Pepper mills  we have traditional, manual and electric. They are made of various materials; made of wood, stainless steel, glass and other materials. A good grinder  should be equipped with ceramic burrs. Such bulbs do not corrode, do not wear and do not overheat during grinding. And most importantly, they do not change the taste and smell of pepper, because ceramics are neutral to spices. recommend Eldom MP18 manual pepper and salt mill . The mill has two separate chambers into which you can pour pepper and salt. Grinding thickness adjustment is provided by two ceramic burrs. Its extremely interesting appearance makes it a remarkable decoration of any kitchen.

 adjustment of grinding thickness
 two separate spice chambers
 ceramic burrs
 easy filling
 simple operation

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