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Dwa wkłady do mopa Parowego Steam i 100 stopni

The steam mop tips must be of solid material.

The steam mop kills 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals. This  perfect cleaning tool . We can clean floors such as tiles, panels, oiled wooden floors, stained (unpainted). For such a mop  all you need is power and water. And of course a decent cleaning cartridge. And what are the best contributions? Of course  made of microfiber  with a two-layer structure The word microfiber comes from microfiber, or microfiber. Microfiber collects and stores dirt very well. Very good fluid absorption means that the microfiber can absorb up to 7 times as much liquid as it weighs! Microfiber retains impurities on their fibers until they are removed during washing and, in addition, because it is made of artificial fibers, is a hostile environment for bacteria, they need organic matter to exist.

Vileda 146576 wkłady do mopa

Durable microfibre pads for the steam mop

Most microfiber products  it is strong enough to be used even after 500 washes. But we must remember that microfiber products should not be bleached or washed with fabric softener, as this will weaken and shrink the fibers. these microfibre inserts  are effective on all types of dirt. These cloths are attached and fixed on the head with Velcro, and during cleaning dirt collects from the floor. They ensure cleanliness without streaks and scratches, even from the most delicate surfaces. Vileda Steam Mop Refill  cleans floors quickly and efficiently.


 Easy installation with Velcro
 1 pack contains 2 cartridges
 Washable at 60ºC

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