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Blender kielichowy Adler AD 4057

What should a good blender have?

Blender  it is associated with an elongated, manual device with which one can mix quickly  soup or crush fruit. In one family with a hand blender is standing blender  otherwise called a cup blender . This is one of the basic devices used in kitchens all over the world. For all who want to quickly and easily prepare a variety of dishes, they should consider buying such a device.

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 The construction of most cup blenders consists of a non-slip base, a capacious cup with a handle, a knife located at the bottom of the jug and a tight cover.

Sterowanie blenderem Adler AD 4057

A multipurpose kitchen appliance - a cup blender

Modern, white and gray Adler cup blender  works in every kitchen for five. The housing of the base of the device, in which the engine is located, is made of white plastic. On the other hand, the finish of the lower part of the housing and the knob to activate the device are gray plastic. Plastic  jug  has a capacity of 1.5 liters. In the base of the jug there is a 4-spoke blade made of very durable stainless steel, which perfectly crumbles  and mixes both soft and hard products. Two double knives with a smooth and serrated blade they mix well various fruits and vegetables. Place the jug with the screwed part equipped with blades on the base and turn it slightly to the right. A secure connection is provided by four catches. Keeping the entire device in place is guaranteed by four legs equipped with rubber suction cups. The energy-saving motor has a power of 450W The blender has four speeds  operation and the PULSE function, which starts the intermittent operation of the device at the maximum number of turns.

Blender Adler AD 4057 po rozłożeniu

 The jug has a scale from 500 ml to 1500 ml, which makes it easy to measure ingredients. A lockable lid seals the device during mixing  and the addition of products during operation is ensured by a hole in the center of the lid closed with a transparent cork. The plug has a diameter of 45 mm with two tabs to lock. Includes 115 cm power cord with non-grounding plug. Automatic lock prevents turning on the blender without a cup and lid.

Blender Adler AD 4057 pracuje i wygląda


Execution:plastic jug
Edge:made of stainless steel
Function: Pulse
Power: 450 watts
Speed:4 levels

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