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A brush other than all - a 3 in 1 system! The 3 Action brush from Vileda perfectly collects dust, hair and hair!

Szczotka 3w1 Vileda 3Action

 The Vileda 3-Action brush perfectly collects dust, hair, hair and all kinds of dirt. It has black and gray bristles. The first one perfectly collects hair and fur, while the second one - dust. The red bristles, on the sides of the broom, perfectly collect dirt from hard-to-reach places, e.g. corners. The brush has also been equipped with a rubber trim on the base, so you don't have to worry about accidental damage to the wall while sweeping.

Włosie szczotki 3w1 Vileda 3Action

Zmiotka z trzonkiem Vileda 3Action

 - 3 Action brush is a unique combination of two types of bristles
 - black bristles are used to collect hair and fur and gray bristles are used to sweep dust - this is the solution
 provides double cleaning power
 - specially shaped red bristles on the sides of the brush for more effective cleaning in
 hard to reach places, e.g. corners, corners
 - thanks to the rubber finish of the brush base, it does not damage the walls during cleaning
 - the 3 action sweeping brush is sold complete with a 130 cm long bar
 - average bristle length: 7 cm; the size of the attachment to which the bristles are attached: 28 cm x 6 cm (at the widest point)

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 Set contains
 - Vileda 3Action 3in1 brush with handle
 - Original packaging
 - The proof of purchase


Brush: 3 Action has different types of bristles, thanks to which it effectively sweeps hair, fur and dust, and also perfectly cleans corners and corners
Length:rod 130 cm

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