2-in-1 parquet brush Vileda Parquet 136082

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 This is not an ordinary broom

Szczotka do parkietu 2w1 Vileda Parquet

What do you need to know about a sweeping brush?

This is not a technologically advanced device, it has not changed for years in terms of design or shape, but some technical changes have influenced growth functionality of this device . If there were no pictures in this text, some would probably wonder what is written here? These  traditions cleaning tool  has been and will be in use for a long time. Due to its simplicity of use, ease of use and convenience of storage nothing can replace  sweeping brooms . Despite the simple and the same construction, however, the brushes are divided into different examples, due to their purpose. And so, for example, we have streetlights, sweepers, cleaners, for carpets, for panels and rackets ... for hair.

Vileda Parquet zmiotka do parkietu

Sweeping brushes are best kept hanging

This is good advice, because a standing brush that has bristles on the ground has a tendency to deform. A well-made brush such as Vileda Parquet 136082  perfectly collects not only larger dirt , but thanks to its construction it will also perfectly remove dust. The brush has thicker bristles (0.3) and ultra thin (0.15) and that's why it is the best parquet brush . Despite the ever-expanding range of vacuum cleaners, sweepers and many other devices that help us clean,  classic broom  is still irreplaceable.

Vileda Parquet 2w1 extra delicata

 Set contains
 - Vileda Parquet 2-in-1 parquet brush + stick
 - Original packaging
 - A proof of purchase

Szczotka do parkietu 2w1 Vileda Parquet + drążek


Brush:for 2-in-1 parquet
Hair hardness:thicker bristles (0.3) collect hair and powders and ultra thin bristles (0.15) sweep the dust
Price:applies to the brush with the stick

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