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And you thought that nothing new would come up with this

Mop ze spryskiwaczem Vileda Ultramax Spray

Have you already met the new Vileda spray mop?

And it would seem that everything has already been said about the mops. The materials from which washing tips were made were changed, shapes were changed, telescopic poles were introduced, and squeezer buckets were added. What else could be changed for the better?  Vileda , as a leader in this market, she could not rest on her laurels and was constantly looking for new solutions. And she found. Launched on the market  washing mop  without a bucket! Yes, it is possible, but let's take a closer look at this miracle. Water with a washing liquid  pour into the mop bar  and using the spray we spray onto the surface we wash and that's what we have Vileda Ultramax Spray.

Mop ze spryskiwaczem Vileda widok w kuchni

No bucket, no wetting hands, no wringing - a new mop from Viledy Ultramax Spray

Easy solution for washing the floor  wet WITHOUT A BUCKET! Spray mop is suitable for quickly wiping the floor , but also for thorough cleaning. Water or washing liquid is poured directly  to the mop bar . A rubber closure with fluid level indicator protects all fluid inside. A convenient button on the handle of the rod causes a mist of moisture to be sprayed directly onto the surface being cleaned. Thanks to this delicacy you can be without fear  also wash wooden floors .  Mop head  it is rotatable, which makes the mop easier to use.

Mop Vileda Ultramax spray uruchamianie spryskiwacza

 Set contains:
 - Vileda Ultramax 1-2 Spray mop
 - Original packaging
 - A proof of purchase

 -The tank in the mop bar is equipped with a rubber closure with an indicator of the level of liquid filling
 - Hand with spray mechanism
 - UltraMax cleaning attachment
 - Rotary head

Napełnianie płynem mopa Vileda Ultramax spray

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