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Who doesn't love the smell of baked bread?

Wypiekacz do chleba Tefal PF6118

The bread maker is a home filled with the smell of freshly baked bread

Do you dream?  freshly baked scones  for breakfast? Do you love challah with butter? You would like to eat a bunch of fresh vegetables for breakfast  bread straight from the oven ? Now it's nothing difficult, with a bread and bread baking machine you can conjure up any baked goods you like. You can delight guests and household members  home-made bread  and not just ordinary wheat baking.

Bread of the World PF6118 z wyswietlaczem LCD

With a baking machine  you can create compositions you can think of. Herb bread in the Italian way? Ciabatta? Onion Bread? Or maybe you love fruitcake? All you need is products and your imagination.

Tefal PF6118 akcesoria

Which bread maker will be the best choice?

With such makers  nothing is too difficult to do.  19 baking programs  is a huge choice limited only by your imagination. Including device from Tefal  you can bake bread, rolls, baguettes, cakes, challahs and even knead the dough  for dumplings, pizzas or pasta. You can choose in it  skin baking degree and after baking, select the keep warm function.

Wypiekacz chleba Tefal PF6118

Bread machine  it also has one very important function, it is delayed start function. In the evening, you can throw the ingredients for bread or rolls in the bowl, set the baking for the morning and fall asleep. Will wake you up aroma of baked bread  and breakfast will satisfy the tastes of the biggest eaters. The machine is attached recipe book,  which will provide ideas and inspiration for baking.

Wypiekacz Tefal PF6118 w opakowaniu

 The machine has 19 programs:
 Baguette, Ciabatta, Gressin, Flat Bread, Sandwich, Sweet Bun, Baking Small Buns, Basic Bread, French Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Sweet Bread, Fast Bread, Gluten-Free Bread, Bread without Salt, Baking Bread, Pizza Dough, Pasta Dough , Cake, Jam

Tefal PF6118 Wypiekacz do chleba i innych wypieków

 Baguette molds - 2
 Flat molds - 2
 Grate, brush, baking knife
 Additional equipment - measuring cup, spoon, hook
 Recipe book
 Kneading mixers - 2

Tefal PF6118 Wypiekacz z 19 programami


Cover:Window in the lid
Capacity:up to 1.5 kg
Horizontal:3 levels of browning the skin - light / medium / heavily toasted
Maintenance of temperature:1 hour
Number of programs: 19
Preparation:pasta dough, jams
Power: 1600 watts
Scale setting:3 - 750 g, 1000 g, 1500 g
Start delay:up to 15 hours

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