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I invite you to the breakfast of champions

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Ordinary sandwiches are boring, with a toaster you will create miracles

Sandwich toaster  is a must in every kitchen. He can make a dish of the day from a regular sandwich. What you get out of the toaster will only limit your imagination. You can add whatever you like to the bread and bake, and then ordinary cheese or tomato acquire a completely different taste. The practical sandwich maker usually has two to four places for a sandwich. They differ in power, coatings, housing, setting options and additional functions. The most important  there is power in such a toaster , it depends on her how much time we will wait for our breakfast. But even the most ordinary simple toaster does its job perfectly.

Opiekacz Camry CR 3023 opakowanie

Which toaster should you choose?

From rich  sandwich toaster offers  it's difficult for us to immediately decide on a model. We recommend here simple and  functional toaster model  Camry CR 3023. The toaster has a power of 1100 W and this is the power that will allow you to make four sandwiches at a rapid pace. The coating on the hobs prevents sticking and is very easy to keep clean. The thermostat will signal when the plates are already hot enough and can be inserted a portion of sandwich inside.

Camry CR 3023 sandwich

Camry toaster  The CR 3023 can be stored in a vertical position, which makes it easy to hide even into a narrow space.

Opiekacze camry w sklepie

 At the same time, care for 4 sandwiches (8 triangular sandwiches)
 A thermostat that maintains the optimal sandwiching temperature
 Can be stored vertically

Camry CR 3023 kanapki przed i po opieczeniem


Lamp: The thermostat control display indicates readiness for baking
Plates: heating with a non-stick coating
Power:1100 watts

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