3000W Camry CR 5018 steam iron


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This is not a legend, people who love ironing really live in the world

Żelazko parowe 3000W Camry CR 5018

Quick and easy ironing with Camry iron

Certainly many of us would like to thank Eldec, which was the first to launch iron with a humidifier . Because it is the steam that enables us to do so  easy ironing . Let's try ironing, for example, linen without steam or prior hydration, we will lose patience and creases will remain. Because  best irons  are the ones that have steam. The ceramic foot also facilitates the work because it is very easy to slide over the ironed fabric.

Opakowanie żelazka Camry CR 5018

 What else should we look at before buying? Does it have e.g.  drip stop or will turn off after a long period of non-use.  Self cleaning function  is also welcome in irons, it prevents scale build-up.

Żelazko Camry CR 5018 parowe z miarką

Camry CR steam iron is the best choice

Fireman function  will save you nerves like after leaving the house you will not be able to remember if you really turned off the iron?  Self cleaning  it is longer iron life, protection against limescale and burning. Drip stop  protects the fabric from getting wet and the board as well. Power 3000W, ceramic foot and  strong steam bursts  all this makes ironing a pure pleasure.

Żelazko Camry CR 5018 widok z różnych stron

Żelazko parowe Camry CR 5018 dostepne na wasserman.eu


Blockade:dripping (Anti-Drip)
Filter:anti-calc (Anti-Calc)
Function:bursts of steam
Maximum power:3000 watts
Power:~ 220-240V 50 / 60Hz
Tank capacity:320ml

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