DC wireless double bell with batteries

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Choosing a ringtone is not always a simple matter

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy podwójny DC

Which door bell should you choose?

First we have to think about whether we want to  wireless bell  can it be with cables. We are supporters  ringtones  without wiring. It's always a problem, pulling cables like that. These wireless devices can be installed where we want, they do not require drilling, they can be glued in the place chosen by us. It all depends on the range they have.

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy x2 w opakowaniu

 They can be used as  doorbell  but they can also perform  paging function , Great for caring for a lying person. If coverage allows us we can too take the bell with you to the garden or garage and we will always hear that we have guests.

Dwa dzwonki bezprzewodowe z jednym pilotem

You choose how to ring your doorbell

We offer beautiful pastel today wireless doorbell.  Very easy to install with double-sided tape. Powered by batteries. Has the ability to choose from 32 melodies  own sound.

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy zdjęcie zastosowania

 Installation instructions:
 1. The control panel with inserted batteries should be installed in the place of your choice using screws or glued to double-sided tape (not included).
 2. Mount the button with installed batteries with double-sided tape (included in the kit).
 3. Use the button on the side of the control panel to select melodies.
Włącznik dzwonka bezprzewodowego

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy wymiary

 - two switchboards
 - remote
 - battery

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy widok z przodu i z tyłu

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