Eldom PM850 Alto steam mop. Bucket.

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You are not a witch to fly a broom

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Are you fed up with sweeping, washing, wiping and puffing?

Few people in the world like cleaning confidently, because in the subconscious mind is still knocking the thought of "tomorrow you will have to clean again." No one is happy about the work whose effects are short-lived and which must be repeated over and over again. It is not enough that when cleaning you have to wave, bend, reach, etc., you also need to buy cleaning products, the range of which gives you a headache.

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 As a representative of this part of society that hates cleaning and everything that goes with it, I am always happy to check what's new on the market. One that will let you do something well to do but not to make money . And so I found  Steam Mop . This device is not enough Cleaning  it cleans well and effortlessly. And best of all, we save not only time but also money because we can get rid of all chemistry from home which we used to pulverize our four angles.

Mop parowy Eldom PM850 Alto z zestawem końcówek

No dirt has any chance of contact with hot steam.

Steam mop  is a simple device consisting of a water tank, pumps, heaters and a head. Hot steam cleans every surface quickly and efficiently. You will wash the floor effortlessly,  you clean carpets and upholstery . Joints, radiators, paneling and even toys and an oven. You will leave any corner, even the hard to reach one spotlessly clean . You do not expose yourself to chemical products. You do not expose to irritation and protect the environment. Cleaning has never been so easy and pleasant. Model PM850 ALTO  has 10 interchangeable tips, which is very important, because the more such elements, the wider the use of the mop. It works quickly, after 25 seconds it is ready for work and the capacious 400 ml tank will allow you for 20 minutes of carefree cleaning.

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Mop parowy Eldom PM850 Alto z bobatym wyposażeniem

 Carpet cover,
 Microfibre cover (small and large)
 Metal brush
 Plastic brush
 Oval brush
 Spatula, nozzle
 Joint for joints
 Small head

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