Linear DVB-T amplifier with WZ-2 loop-through regulation

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You will improve the quality of the TV signal with this device

Wzmacniacz liniowy DVB-T z regulacją Red Eagle WZ-2

Too far from the transmitter? More TV sets at home? There is a solution for this

The use of such a device becomes necessary when distance from the signal source  to the receiver is quite long. Or when we install more antenna sockets . Each signal separation causes its quality to deteriorate. Such devices are usually small in size and can be mounted directly on the antenna cable. This one WZ-2 HD amplifier  designed for indoor installation because it is not waterproof. Connecting the power supply, which has 12V, causes the antenna amplifier to work on "full gas". Each amplifier should have one given maximum signal strength  which he can work on.

Wzmacniacz Red Eagle WZ-2 w opakowaniu zawieszka

The best antenna amplifier is the one with voltage regulation

You will ask why  voltage regulation in the amplifier ? It seems that the stronger the signal, the better for reception? Well, dear ladies and gentlemen, the regulation is to adjust the gain to the chosen level.  Various amplifiers  have different maximum levels of work. If the signal is too strong and we further strengthen it, it turns out that the level is higher than the maximum allowed and then we have  overdrive of the amplifier  as well as DVB-T receiver , resulting in signal distortion and image loss.  WZ-2 HD RED EAGLE line amplifier  we can adjust in the range of 15-30 db in the 47-862 MHz band

Wzmacniacz przelotowy DVB-T Red Eagle WZ-2 regulowany

 47-862 MHz frequency range
 15-30 dB gain
 Power supply 12-20 V, 50 mA
 Noise factor of 2 dB
 Dimensions: length 80 mm, width 35 mm
 Signal gain adjustment
 Small and easy to install.

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