Clatronic ST / WA 3670 Toaster, toaster, waffle iron

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You no longer have to make difficult decisions

Clatronic ST/WA 3670 3w1

Toaster, grill and waffle iron all in one

You already have a toaster, but sometimes a toast would be eaten instead of toast, either grilled cheese ? How about a crispy hot waffle for dessert? Everyone would like it, right? And now you can have it all at one go. You no longer need to buy separate equipment to enjoy your chosen dish. A device that  combines grill, toaster and waffle iron  everyone can already have. It takes up little space in the kitchen and offers enormous versatility.

Clatronic ST/WA 3670 Opiekacz wielofunkcyjny

 No more boring breakfasts, just turn on your own imagination and conjure up a breakfast of champions. We recommend a three-in-one device Clatronic ST / WA 3670

Clatronic ST/WA 3670 Opiekacz, toster, gofrownica

Which multi-purpose sandwich maker should you choose?

Become an owner multifunction toaster Clatronic ST / WA 3670,  this  toaster, waffle iron and grill in one . Thanks to the exchangeable inserts, you can prepare whatever you want. Belgian waffles? Egg bacon? Toast with cheese and tomato? You can do anything and thanks to non-stick coatings on replaceable inserts, you don't have to worry about sticking products. The inserts not only provide aesthetic toasting, they are also made of stainless steel, which guarantees long-term use of the device. Toaster  safe to use also thanks to the non-heating handle, stable rubber feet and locking closure.

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