Digital tire tread depth gauge

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Why should I check the tire tread depth?

Moving on tires in which  the tread is worn  we risk our own lives and health and we expose ourselves to the ticket and confiscation of the registration certificate. Why is this so important? Because in wet conditions tire with too shallow tread  it will brake much worse, it will not provide us with adequate lateral support, and this will in turn contribute to the unpredictable behavior of the car on the road. That's why controlling tread condition on tires  is one of the most important activities in a car. Such a measurement is an activity that we can easily do ourselves  using a digital tire tread depth gauge .

Cyfrowy miernik głębokości bieżnika opon

What depth should the tread on the tire have?

In Poland minimum tread depth  is defined by the provisions of the Road Traffic Act. Tread depth  it should be 1.6 mm for both summer and winter tires. Experts agree that 1.6 mm is definitely a critical value, while the tire loses its properties even when its tread is shallower than 3-4 mm. If we want to measure the tread depth ourselves, we will need it digital tread depth gauge . We park the car on an even and flat surface and turn the wheels on the vehicle to the maximum. As a result, we will be able to check the overall condition of the tires, because the measurement will be carried out in several places around the circumference of the tire. Then we will see if the tread wears evenly.


Dimensions:60 x 113 x 13 mm
Measurement range: 00-25,4mm
Power: 1.5V SR44 / LR44 battery
Units:cal / mm

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