ProfiCook PC-SV 1112 Sous-Vide cooking device

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 Would you eat anything other than an immortal pork chop for dinner?

Sous-Vide ProfiCook PC-SV 1112

What is the sous vide method?

The sous vide method  in Polish "in a vacuum" is a way of preparing dishes enclosed in sealed bags, in a water bath, at a constant low temperature. There are 6 stages of such cooking. First, we determine at what temperature the dish is to be prepared, then we heat the water to the required degrees,  vacuum packing  product, we choose the cooking time and finish the dish if necessary. Some must have a polished visual side and their dish must look fried. Then, just take the dish out of the bag or fry it. Dishes prepared in this way are much more valuable than traditionally prepared. They have unique taste , delicate structure, everything that is valuable in the product is retained in it, dishes can be keep longer  because there is no air access to them. The only disadvantage may be a longer time to prepare the dish, but we do not have to control it at all. Buying the right device for this, we can forget about standing by the pots and making sure that it does not burn.

Sous-Vide ProfiCook PC-SV 1112

 See the video presentation:

Sous-Vide ProfiCook PC-SV 1112

Buy ProfiCook PC-SV 1112, Sous-Vide cooking device and you will not have to reserve a restaurant table

By investing in such a device you will be able to prepare dishes as in an exclusive restaurant. You don't need to have knowledge of molecular gastronomy all you need is a good device and a recipe for a given dish. The device will do everything for you, you won't even feel that something is up  cooks,  because all of them the aromas stay inside  and don't get outside. The cumbersome condensation of steam is also eliminated, especially in small kitchens. Now that you've been convinced to shop sous-vide cooking appliances  we recommend it ProfiCook PC-SV 1112.
Huawei E5180

 The kit includes pliers and a stainless steel grid for stacking food

Huawei E5180

 For vacuum packaging, we recommend the ProfiCook PC-VK 1080 welder, which we sell on another page of the store.

Huawei E5180

 Description of the device:
 Stainless steel housing
 Electronic temperature control (max. Deviation +/– 0.5 ° C)
 Gentle cooking, yogurt and keep warm function
 LCD display (blue backlight)
 Temperature control: 45 ° C - 90 ° C
 72-hour timer
 Capacity: 8.5 l
 Cooking utensil (non-stick coating)
 Large window in the lid
 Mains supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 520 W
 Dimensions (W x H x D): 410 x 210 x 300 mm
 Weight: 2.85kg

Huawei E5180

 Polish instruction included and Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

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