Automatic fish feeder for the aquarium AF-2009D

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You love fish, but you are not an angler

Automatyczny karmnik dla rybek AF-2009D

How to look after aquarium fish?

Aquarium in the apartment is one of the most beautiful furniture. The view of floating fish among juicy wavy green is a view that calms and relaxes. But for the view to please the eye, you have to put a lot of work into it. The aquarium should be regularly cleaned and the water changed. As for the care of the fish themselves, it all depends on the species of fish we grow. The only thing that connects all species is necessity of feeding.  This is not a problem as long as we are at home, but what to do when we have a longer trip? We don't always have a neighbor you can count on or a family living close to you.

Automatyczny karmnik dla rybek AF-2009D

Is an automatic fish feeder a good idea?

Sometimes we face the problem of caring for our pets in our absence. And not only a dog or a kitten is a problem. Not absorbing us too much every day fish  also require systematic feeding . If we do not have a trusted person who we can count on, we can only seek help from vending machines. And here we will help automatic fish feeder.  A simple device that allows up to four feedings a day. It has speed control for each feeding (1-2). This possibility gives flexibility from 1 to 8 doses. Feeding hours  we set ourselves using a digital clock. The feeder also has an additional button for extra feeding.

Automatyczny karmnik dla rybek AF-2009D

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Automatyczny karmnik dla rybek AF-2009D

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