Clatronic KSW 3306 white coffee grinder

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Do you like to drink good coffee?

Młynek do kawy CLATRONIC KSW 3306 biały

What do you need to make good coffee?

It does not matter if you want to drink coffee from a coffee machine, a chemeks, a coffee shop or any other brewing equipment. The most important thing is that the coffee is freshly ground before brewing. And there is no have mercy, even the most expensive espresso machine, cups from Meissen porcelain and jugs with lids will not help, if the coffee is bought ground. The whole taste and aroma of coffee is enclosed in coffee beans and grinding releases all this wealth, unfortunately, after a few minutes most of the most valuable values ​​disappear.

CLATRONIC KSW 3306 do mielenia kawy

 I do not know if you know, but to this ground coffee bought in stores go only weak coffee, quality additionally there is a risk that besides coffee there can be something else ground.

CLATRONIC KSW 3306 kawa świeżo mielona

The CLATRONIC KSW 3306 coffee grinder grinds the coffee

Factory ground coffee is only good for simply pouring hot water or under the coffee maker. It is not suitable for such luncheon meat or espresso, because it is too thickly ground and you can not get a decent brew. And the coffee machine is ground too finely and can clog the filter, and the brewing time will be too long. Therefore, everyone who is a fan of little black dress must buy a grinder. We present an electric coffee grinder with percussion mechanism. The impact knife in this grinder is made of stainless steel. We choose coffee grinding by grinding time. Protection against accidental start-up they had only with a well-fitted lid.


Capacity:40 g - 20 cups of coffee
Degree:fragmentation sometimes chosen by work
Handle: for cable
Power:230 V, 50 Hz, 120 W
Power: 120 watts
Switch:safety - commissioning is only possible with the cover in place, also in impulse operation
Tank:CLATRONIC KSW 3306 coffee grinder

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