TV signal splitter DigiSAT SP14 1x4


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The splitter is used to branch radio and television signals in collective and individual antenna installations. It allows signals to pass from one coaxial cable to 4 cables, while maintaining an even power distribution. The splitter can be used instead of the end subscriber socket, in case the subscriber wants to connect 4 TV sets.

Rozgałęźnik TV DigiSAT  SP14 1x4
The splitters are intended for indoor use. The electronic circuits of the splitters are made by surface mounting technique and enclosed in a body in the form of a cuboid, cast from zinc alloys. The body ensures the highest shielding efficiency and mechanical resistance.
Rozgałęźnik TV DigiSAT  SP14 1x4

- Power transition: 24V 0.8A (max)
- sieving coefficient: 5-2400MHz = 100dB
- Input / output connection: F type sockets
- 75 ohm impedance
- Zinc housing, die-cast, tinned
- Very effective shielding


Feedback:Range 5-40MHz:> 10dB; 40-1000MHz range:> 12dB; 1000-1750MHz range:> 12dB; 1750-2400MHz:> 10dB
Output separation:5-40MHz:> 20dB; 40-1000MHz range:> 20dB; 1000-1750MHz range:> 20dB; 1750-2400MHz range:> 20dB
Through transmission:Range 5-40MHz: <8.0dB; 40-1000MHz: <8.5dB; 1000-1750MHz: <9.5dB; 1750-2400MHz: <11dB

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