DigiSAT SP42 1x2 TV splitter


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The splitter is used to branch radio and television signals in collective and individual antenna installations. It allows the signals to pass from one coaxial cable to two cables, with an even power distribution. The splitter can be used instead of the end subscriber socket if the subscriber wants to connect 2 TV sets.

Rozgałęźnik TVDigiSAT  SP42 1x2
The splitters are intended for indoor use. The electronic circuits of the splitters are made by surface mounting technique and enclosed in a body in the form of a cuboid, cast from zinc alloys. The body ensures the highest shielding efficiency and mechanical resistance.

Rozgałęźnik TVDigiSAT  SP42 1x2


Feedback: 5-40MHz:> 10dB; 40-1000MHz:> 12dB; 1000-1750MHz:> 12dB; 1750-2400MHz:> 10dB
Housing:zinc, die-cast, nickel-plated
Impedance: 75 ohm
Output separation:5-40MHz:> 18dB; 40-1000MHz:> 22dB; 1000-1750MHz:> 20dB; 1750-2400MHz:> 20dB
Screening coefficient:5-2400MHz = 100dB
Screen:Very effective
Through transmission:Range 5-40MHz: <4.0dB; 40-1000MHz: <4.5dB; 1000-1750MHz: <5.0dB; 1750-2400MHz: <5.5dB

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