Telmor RTA-140 active splitter


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Telmor RTA-140
RTA-140 active splitters are designed to work in individual RTV signal distribution installations. It is used to supply four TV sets with an antenna signal or cable TV. It has a built-in gain control potentiometer and a jumper that allows the supply voltage to be transferred from the labeled output (OUT) to the input (IN). The splitters are supplied via a coaxial cable using an optional voltage separator.

Telmor RTA-140

RTA-140 has been placed in a metal, solid housing, which is equipped with standard "F" type connection sockets. Thanks to this, the assembly of the device is extremely fast and simple.

Product features:

1-input / 4-output RTV,
built-in adjustable silencers,
low noise figure
power supply via coaxial cable from the output side (OUT),
the ability to transfer the supply voltage from the output (OUT) to the input (IN),
solid, die-cast metal housing,
high shielding factor.

Telmor RTA-140


Frequency range:47-862MHz
Gain adjustment:-10dB
Noise factor:<5 dB
Output level:for 2 channels 102dBuV
Power consumption:70mA
Remote power supply from exit output:Yes
Reinforcement:10 +/- 2 dB

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