Telmor ASR P20 Classic. DVB-T antenna + amplifier

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Telmor P20 ASR classic

The set also includes a power supply.

Telmor P20 ASR classic

 It has a large energy gain and a built-in ultra low noise preamplifier that can be powered with a voltage from a wide range of 5-24V. The low level of inherent noise of the first level of gain is very important for obtaining good signal quality (large signal / noise distance).

Telmor P20 ASR classic

 The antenna is assembled. Preparing the antenna for installation requires only a slight unscrewing of the side knobs and after opening the "wings" of the headlights, tightening them again. The antenna also receives signals from the VHF band, which is intended for the future of DAB digital radio signal diffusion. It will therefore be possible to receive a DAB signal without the need for an additional antenna.
Telmor P20 ASR classic

 - Adapted to receive digital terrestrial DVB-T signals
 - It has a very high energy gain, and a built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier
 - Aesthetic and durable construction
 - Preamplifier power supply with DC voltage in the range of 5 ... 24V

Telmor P20 ASR classic

Telmor P20 ASR classic
 - Telmor antenna
 - 12V power supply with ZZA-7 power crossover
 - F plug
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)


Antenna profit:6-14 dB
Beam overview 3db:40 °
Connector:Type F
Dimensions:820X455X220 mm
Frequency range:VHF: 174-230 MHz UHF: 470 - 862 MHz
Maximum wind load: N 120
Maximum levels signals tv out: dBuV 100
Mast diameter:25-60
Noise factor:2,5dB
Polarization:Horizontal (H)
Ratio front / rear:24
Reinforcement:20 dB

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