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Are you sure only what you make yourself?

Sokowirówka Clatronic AE 3532


A juicer is not an unnecessary device in the kitchen

It is difficult to buy juice in the store, at which we can be sure that the vegetables or fruit used in its production were in fact full-fledged does not contain sugar  and whether any chemicals were used for preservation. And we know that juices should be drunk  every day. That's why it's worth having in the kitchen juicer . In a few moments she will be standing on the table a glass of wholesome juice from which you only want fruit or vegetables. A decent juicer  it can handle any of the fruits, even vegetables, the soft ones and the hard ones. Give yourself a chance for a daily dose of vitamins that you will prepare yourself in a child's play.

Sokowirówka Clatronic AE 3532

What distinguishes a Clatronic juicer?

Clatronic juicer AE 3532 is an elegant and modern design. The juicer literally squeezes the juice from apples, carrots and other fruits in a few seconds without the need to crush them. Exactly that makes this juicer stand out  among other similar products on the market. Products for squeezing do not have to be cut into particles, a large hole in the device allows you to throw whole fruit (7.5 cm) inside. The juice spout is made of pure stainless steel. The juicer has an anti-drip valve. It can be quickly folded and disassembled so that we have a quick and trouble-free cleaning.

Sokowirówka Clatronic AE 3532

 - Elegant, modern design
 - Quick preparation of fruit and vegetable juices rich in vitamins for excellent well-being, fitness and health
 - 30% more juice and vitamins
 - A very large hole for whole fruit and vegetables - 7.5 cm
 - The juicer squeezes the juice of whole apples, carrots and other fruits in seconds, without the need to crush them
 - Juice pouring spout made of pure stainless steel
 - Anti-drip valve - no splashing or wiping
 - Closing via safety switch
 - A fine stainless steel strainer for velvet juices
 - Can be dismantled - quick and easy cleaning
 - High durability


Housing:made of high-grade stainless steel
Power:230V, 50 Hz
Power consumption:1000W
Speed:Two steps
Tank capacity:for waste ~ 2 liters

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