Intelligent IQ antenna DVB-T digital terrestrial television


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Telmor ASR IQ

The set also includes a power supply.

Telmor ASR IQ

 ASR IQ is a specially designed broadband TV receiving antenna, which takes into account the increased requirements for active antennas, designed to receive many digital television signals (DVB-T multiplexes) and analog. The intelligent preamplifier used in the antenna makes it possible to install it regardless of the distance to the transmitter. The preamplifier constantly analyzes the amplified signals and optimally adjusts its parameters.

Telmor ASR IQ

 The supplied ASR - IQ antenna is completely assembled, and thanks to the hinged attachment of the headlights to the support beam, the antenna is unfolded quickly and easily.

Telmor ASR IQ
 - Optimized for receiving many digital (DVB-T) and analog TV signals
 - Built-in intelligent preamplifier, constantly analyzing received signals
 - Wide range of TV frequencies received
 - A wide range of 5-12V supply voltages
 - Low noise ratio of only 2dB!
 - High wind and weather resistance
 - Modern, light and stable construction
 - Very easy antenna assembly and connection

Telmor ASR IQ

Telmor ASR IQ

 - Telmor antenna
 - 12V power supply with ZZA-7 power crossover
 - F plug
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)


Antenna profit:VHF 174-230 MHz; UHF 470-862 MHz
Beam overview 3db:40 °
Connector:Type F
Dimensions:820X455X220 mm
Mast diameter:25-60
Maximum levels signals tv out:103 ° dBuV
Noise factor:2dB
Output impedance:75 Ohm
Power consumption: 5 -12V / 60 + -3 mA
Preamplifier reinforcement:20-22 dB
Ratio front / rear:24

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