Leifheit Profi XL mop Complete set, box 55096

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Mop Leifheit Profi XL
Cleaning kit consisting of a floor mop and a bucket on wheels with a wringing pedal. Leifheit PROFI series, German reliability. An invaluable helper in every home
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What mop to buy?

The Leifheit Profi 55096 mop and bucket allows you to clean without the need to bend down or get your hands dirty. When using the pedal, it's easy to squeeze the Micro Duo pad almost dry without removing it. Its width allows for quick wiping of large surfaces. Thanks to the swivel joint, you can easily clean the surfaces around the legs of tables and cabinets.
Opakowanie mopa XL

Mobile bucket on wheels

The Leifheit Profi 55096 bucket is equipped with wheels made of solid plastic. This allows it to easily move with it when cleaning the surface. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to carry a bucket full of water in your hand - you can move it without much effort to the place you need.
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Adjust the length of the mop stick

The steel mop bar is made of three parts. You can use as many parts of it as you need at the moment, so the length of the mop will always be perfectly suited to your needs. The parts can be used not only for a mop, but also a washer, dust sweeper or window vacuum cleaner. The proprietary joining system allows for quick length changes.
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Micro Duo mop cover

The Leifheit Profi 55096 mop is equipped with a Micro Duo attachment. It was made of a durable material that perfectly absorbs water. It is designed for cleaning all types of surfaces, especially panels and parquet. The construction of the bucket enables easy wringing without getting your hands dirty.
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Leifheit Profi XL cleaning kit parameters:

mop width: 42 cm
mop base length: 140 cm (consisting of three parts)
material - mop: aluminum / plastic / textile
material - bucket: plastic
color: green / turquoise
bucket volume: 8 l
dimensions: 50.5 x 28 x 38.5 cm
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