Twin (x2) Opticum LTP-04H 0.1 dB HD converter

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What is a converter?

Konwerter Twin

What converter will be needed for such installation?

What converter to buy ? First you have to answer the question  what antenna installation  are you planning to do Will it be reception from one or several satellites and  how many tuners will use the antenna ? Because this small device is responsible for providing the satellite signal to the tuner. There are four types of converters; Single  - single, has one signal output, allows you to connect one satellite tuner. Twin  - double, has two outputs, so the signal can be delivered to two receivers or one that has the PVR recording function. Quad  - has four outputs, so the signal can be fed to four satellite tuners or two with PVR function. Quattro - it has four outputs, however, it is designed to work with multiswitch, the signal can be delivered to even several hundred satellite receivers.

Konwerter Twin

If you need a double converter, we have one - Twin Opticum LTP-04H

Twin satellite converter  is a premium class device with a very low noise figure. It can easily handle signal reception. One housing contains an electronic system that allows independent signal transmission for two receivers at the same time or one PVR with a recorder. To put it simply, we have two full-range converters in one housing that operate independently of each other. Precise workmanship and high technical parameters mean less impact of weather conditions on signal quality.  Twin Opticum converter is one hundred percent waterproof.


Additional functions:Works directly with the receiver
Frequency range: from 10.7 GHz to 12.75 GHz
Handle diameter:40 mm
Noise factor: 0.1 dB
Polarization: linear H / V
Waterproof:100% tested

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