Monoblock TWIN Opticum Premium LMTP-04H converter


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Konwerter Monoblock Twin
High-quality, branded German converter, designed to connect two tuners and receive programs from two satellites: ASTRA and HOTBIRD. This is done automatically thanks to the built-in diseqc switch.

Opticum Monoblock Twin

 The converter is one of the leading devices of this type in the world. Characterized by a low phase noise coefficient of 0.1 dB. Precise workmanship and high technical parameters practically translate into less impact of weather conditions on the quality of the received signal.

LMTP-04H 0,1dB Ready for HD

 Technical specifications:
 - two MONOBLOCK converters in one housing
 - the ability to receive on two independent tuners from the Astra + Hot Bird satellites
 - replaces the complicated squint system with two Twin and Switch converters

Konwerter Opticum LMTP-04H Monoblock twin


Assembly:up to 2 independent tuners
Band switching signal:22KHz
Compatible:from HDTV
High separation between switching signals from tuners:approx. 28 dB
Handle diameter:40mm
Lower belt:10.7-11.7GHz,
Lower oscillator: 9.75 GHz
Noise factor:0.1 dB
Output frequency:lower band 950-1950MHz, upper band 1100-2150MHz
Power consumption:200 mA
Upper band:11.7-12.75GHz
Upper oscillator:10.6 GHz
Weight: 0.660 kg.

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