Stand for waste segregation for 3 120L bags

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Segregacja śmieci. Stojak na worki

Waste storage and segregation

We produce tones rubbish  fortunately, many of them are utilized. Thanks to this, the amount of waste is not as huge as it would be in total absence  recycling . To make this task easier for recycling companies, we should segregate  your rubbish. And how to deal with this dirty business in home conditions? Containers of various types will be useful for this for sorting . Any basket you choose will always be a significant convenience and the waste will be sorted and order will prevail in the kitchen. And that not all rooms are so large to contain separate baskets, we offer you extremely comfortable stands with covers in three colors.
Stojak na trzy worki na śmieci zdjęcie real

Choosing the right waste containers

Our offer includes such a simple solution waste segregation. Waste segregation containers  with different colors of covers. It will now become very easy to separate paper, glass and plastic. these sacks for bags  is a great idea for segregation, the color of the lid will facilitate the division of waste. Cover colors are compatible with the colors of the bags for recycling individual materials. Our stand is a solid construction, it is characterized by high quality and great appearance. You can buy sacks, matching the rack, with a capacity of 120 liters on other pages of our store.
Number of places for bags: 3
Dedicated bags capacity: 120L


Depth:37 cm
Height:82 cm
Width:108 cm

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