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In this category, we present you both basic cleaning accessories, such as a floor mop, as well as modern devices, such as a cleaning robot. Here you will find everything that will be useful in keeping your house or apartment clean. Regardless of whether you choose a mop with a bucket or a modern device for intensive cleaning of floors or windows, we ensure that thanks to products from the Wasserman store, cleaning your own four walls becomes more effective and pleasant.

Cleaning mops - general information

A simple floor mop can do wonders for quick cleanup and reliability, provided it's cleverly designed and carefully crafted. In our online store you will find only such devices and accessories. When choosing a mop with a bucket, we recommend that you pay attention to the presence of double spinning. This simple but important solution significantly increases the efficiency of the equipment. A microfiber mop is very efficient in cleaning floors, i.e. fibers that perfectly collect all dirt from flat surfaces. However, when standard cleaning mops in a large apartment are too time-consuming solutions, we offer you an electric version. Wireless operation will greatly facilitate access to all parts of the house and speed up work.

Cleaning robots

A cleaning robot is a device that we find more and more often in Polish homes. After all, it provides a significant time saving compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner and does not require any effort from us. Therefore, this type of equipment could not be missing from the Wasserman store. However, the cleaning robot currently does more than just clean our floors. In our offer you will also find similar devices for the thorough cleaning of windows. In addition, it is controlled via a mobile application. This kind of technology worthy of smart homes will be especially useful for large windows. For traditional use, a standard battery washer may suffice. Regardless of your choice, we ensure that by purchasing accessories and cleaning devices in our store, you will save a lot of time and energy. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Mamibot, Powermat or Teesa.