Measuring accessories

No renovation or repair can be done without appropriate measuring instruments. They help to recognize the situation and determine the problem. It doesn't matter if we want to measure a distance or voltage, measuring accessories available in the Wasserman online store will come to our aid. The assortment includes calipers, electric test tubes, revs meters and battery testers. They are characterized by a very good value for money and a long service life.

Caliper instruments

Measuring tools available in the Wasserman store are primarily convenient electronic calipers. They are equipped with a readable LCD display, thanks to which we can easily perform any external, internal and depth measurements. Caliper devices are characterized by an accurate and clear scale, a solid carbon fiber structure and the ability to connect them to a computer. The scope of their work is fifteen centimeters, but the measurements are made with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters. These are handy and very useful measuring instruments that should not be missing in any workshop.

Measuring accessories from well-known manufacturers - Hogert, Kemot, Stihl, Import

The Wasserman store offer includes measuring devices from well-known manufacturers. Stihl supplies, for example, electronic revolution meters. These are contactless tools measuring the rotational speed of an internal combustion engine in chainsaws, mowers, etc. They are characterized by low demand for electricity and a durable battery, so they can be used for many years. They are useful during various repairs and model making. To make a measurement, simply move the device closer to the spark plug or ignition cable.

The Wasserman store also includes such measuring tools as battery testers and test tubes (Hogert, Kemot) for measuring voltage in wires and sockets. The former allow you to determine how much energy is left in our batteries or rechargeable batteries. The latter are necessary tools for all kinds of electrical work. They work well in repairing faults or when making changes to the installation.