Temperature and wind meters

Although atmospheric monitoring is usually limited to checking the air temperature on a classic thermometer, there are situations when much more advanced equipment is needed. The instruments available in the Wasserman store will be used not only to check the weather, but also to learn the properties of various objects and substances. The offer includes both temperature meters and wind measurement tools. These are articles that will prove necessary whenever precise information is needed.

Temperature and humidity measurement

We usually check the temperature when we want to leave the house, and we don't know exactly how to dress. The question of whether it will be warm or not necessarily bothers us especially on holiday trips. And yet there are other situations in which we want to know the temperature and which have nothing to do with the weather. Take cooking and baking, for example. The conditions of heat treatment are inseparably connected with the final effect of our culinary struggles. If we want a delicious, juicy roast, we must ensure that the meat reaches a specific temperature, also deep inside, but not exceeding it. For this check we will use a kitchen thermometer with a skewer. The probe can be easily placed in the dish, and a clear LCD display will show us its exact temperature.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - Uni-T

The meters available in the Wasserman offer will even allow you to examine the temperature of objects that are out of your reach. All thanks to the analysis of thermal radiation. The store's assortment is not limited to temperature meters only. Manufacturer Uni-T  also provides instruments for measuring wind speed. What is the use of them? Just think about all those sports where the strength of blasts and their direction are important. Do you practice paragliding or maybe you are sailing? You can't do without a wind gauge. From its LCD display you will learn exactly what conditions prevail outside. You can also use the wind speed meter to study the properties of various gases.