A laser rangefinder is a device necessary on every construction site. It allows you to quickly and conveniently measure the distance between two points. The measurement result is accurate to one millimeter, so devices of this type are absolutely reliable. Not only professionals can use them, but also amateurs arranging a workaround around the house or designing a garden. In the Wasserman store, we offer high-quality laser meters with excellent parameters.

How to choose the best rangefinder?

A good laser distance meter is primarily characterized by a large range. While professional devices can operate even on 500-meter sections, 40 - 80 meters of range is enough for everyday use. This distance is traveled by a beam of light sent by the rangefinder. The device measures the time it takes to reflect the laser from the object. On this basis, he calculates the distance between us and him.

Another parameter that is worth paying attention to is the size of the light spot. The smaller the more reliable the measurement result will be. The laser beam may not fall on the object perfectly perpendicular, thus the device would indicate the wrong distance.

Laser distance meters from well-known manufacturers - Uni-T, Pro

The laser rangefinder from the Wasserman store is a device manufactured by one of the renowned brands. A well-known manufacturer guarantees high quality and maximum durability of the equipment. The Uni-T laser rangefinder is, for example, a reliable tool for laser distance measurement. It is characterized by exceptional accuracy, quick response and long distance measurement. It has an automatic calibration function, an incorrect measurement indicator or a spirit level function. What's more, the rangefinders available in the Wasserman store allow you to save the results. Thanks to this, measurements are not lost and you can easily compare them with each other. Rangefinder Pro is also a trustworthy device, necessary during any construction or renovation works. It is worth having them in your equipment.