Emergency power supply

Do you have a fireplace with a water jacket or a solid fuel boiler at home? If so, you are well aware of the dangers of a sudden power cut. Not only do you lose the comfort of heat throughout your home, you also risk the safety of the entire installation. If the water pump stops working, the pressure in the system will increase. It is better not to risk and have an emergency power source. Devices of this type, available in the Wasserman store, can also be used as a multifunctional charger for a car battery.

Emergency power source with sine wave and charging function

The emergency power supplies that you can find in Wasserman's offer differ from traditional AC / DC converters in that they produce an output voltage identical to that in the power grid. Thanks to the sinusoidal alternating voltage, these devices can be used to power devices with built-in motors and transformers - for example electric tools or low-power household appliances. What's more, home emergency power supplies guarantee uninterrupted and stable operation of pumps and fans. A special battery protection system ensures that the battery is not damaged as a result of complete discharge.

Products of well-known manufacturers - Intex, Kemot, Volt Polska, Quer

Portable energy sources can also be used as an emergency power supply for a computer. Brand devices are an example Kemot . You will use them both for emergency power supply to furnaces as well as RTV and office devices. Of course, this is not the end. They will also be useful as a replacement for classic chargers (e.g. for smartphones), a power source for power tools, household appliances, pumps and all devices whose power supply does not exceed a certain limit (about 500 W). Emergency power supplies available in the Wasserman assortment are also brand products Intex whether quer . They specialize in intelligent and comprehensive electrical solutions. A company is dealing with a similar plot Volt Poland .