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No electrical device can operate without proper power supply. Currently, more and more traditionally powered with current flowing from the electrical outlet current devices are replaced by equipment equipped with battery. Either way, the batteries also need to be recharged from time to time, so having the right adapter for your device seems an absolute must. The Wasserman online store offers the highest quality power supplies at affordable prices.

Switching power supplies, laptop antenna, mains chargers

In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of products and the latest technologies. Our switching power supplies are primarily intended to protect devices that are most sensitive to changing current. Power supplies manufactured by the company Pulsar  are equipped with special protections against overloads, short circuits and overvoltages. They are characterized by high efficiency and the ability to adjust the output voltage. In turn, brand antenna power supplies Blow  it can work continuously if they are additionally powered from a mains socket, as well as a coaxial cable is mounted on the splitter. You can find out that the device is working properly by checking whether the special control diode on it lights up.

The best power supplies

The Wasserman store also offers laptop adapters. If the original power supply is damaged, you will find its "worthy successor" with us. But beware! You should always choose a power adapter suited to the brand of your laptop, otherwise you may expose the equipment to a serious failure. In addition, the Wasserman store also provides chargers for mains. Usually it has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time. With their help you can charge tablets, smartphones, cell phones as well as GPS navigation. Chargers and company power supplies are particularly recommended Baofeng  and Akyga that offer their customers professional power solutions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.