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If on dark winter evenings we like the merrily crackling fire in the fireplace, we also know that when the hearth expires you need to clean it. From the large, proudly looking logs of wood that burned for hours, all that is left is a pile of ash. And this ash, which lies in the corners of the hearth, should be disposed of. An ordinary vacuum cleaner clogs quickly, and the traditional "broom and dustpan" method is inaccurate and inconvenient (any movement of the broom causes dust to float in the air). It is best to invest in a special ash vacuum cleaner with a suitable filter.

Products of the well-known manufacturer Kaminer

The engine of a regular vacuum cleaner, due to the collection of fireplace soot, can quickly get dusty, which necessitates the repair or replacement of the entire device. Therefore, devices dedicated to soot collection of the brand Kaminer  are equipped with special filters. The ash vacuum cleaner filter not only protects the vacuum cleaner motor, and therefore its heart, but also prevents dust from escaping outside the appliance. Filters are reusable and are easy to clean - you can do it with running water, and sometimes you just need to shake the bag or blow it with compressed air. The offer also includes a filter cover for the fireplace vacuum cleaner, which reduces the need to clean the filter itself and extends the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Multifunctional filters for Kaminer vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners equipped with special filters are suitable for cleaning fireplaces and grills. More advanced models are used in the construction industry to clean up dusty places from renovation. The most popular models equipped with a filter for an ash vacuum cleaner collect only cold ash (they cooled down a few hours after the furnace has expired), but there are also vacuum cleaners collecting hot ash on the market, which are designed to clean the furnace just a few minutes after extinguishing the fire . You can also choose between a vacuum cleaner with a bag (lower efficiency, but easier removal of the tank content) or bagless model (high precision and efficiency, but problematic cleaning of a full dust container).