In the Polish, relatively cool climate, during the colder seasons, our apartments and houses sometimes require additional heating. Home fireplaces perform not only this practical function, because after dark we are happy to spend evenings in the glow of their flames. In our homes, we also temporarily use devices such as room heaters. In the Wasserman online store, we also took care of these needs of household members, proposing, among others, room radiators and modern free-standing fireplaces. We invite you to familiarize yourself with this wide and diverse assortment.

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How to choose a home fireplace?

Home fireplaces are more than just fashion, which is well known to anyone who has had the opportunity to spend at least one evening at its warmth watching the flames dance inside. The atmosphere is then unique. To all our customers who do not have such a fantastic facility in their apartment or house, we recommend modern free-standing fireplaces from the assortment of the Wasserman online store. How to choose a fireplace for the house? In addition to functionality, it is worth paying attention to the visual aspect. Modern free-standing fireplaces differ in design, and a wide selection of models means that you will certainly find the most suitable for a specific interior. Other important aspects of home fireplaces are their size, additional effects related to the visibility of flames, as well as amenities such as the ability to control the remote control.

Modern radiators for any interior

In the Wasserman store you will also find devices responsible for quick heating of the room, for example on an extremely cold morning, i.e. radiators and room radiators. What are the characteristics of individual models? Both in large rooms and service premises, room heaters with relatively high power, such as mobile electric heaters, will work great. They have overheating protection, thermostat and power regulation. In smaller rooms, handy farels, i.e. room heaters in the form of fan heaters with less power, will work better. This is a typical supplementary heating. An alternative solution is room radiators heated with oil. In our assortment you will find devices with high performance and interesting design. In our offer you will find products of well-known manufacturers such as Dedra, Descon, Adler, Ravanson.